In my quest to understand more in depth the interaction and interdependence of the body, the mind and the energetic field, I graduated as a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Therapist at the College of Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren. 

I've been a professional nutritionist for more than a decade, helping hundreds of people find their way back to health and balance, and deliver signature residential retreat programmes in Spa Hotels. I also run Yoga and Detox retreats  in Italy, Spain, Greece and Guernsey.

My programs are designed for those who are ready to change and are committed to improve their health and lifestyle. 

One of my key goals is to offer a no nonsense, professional evidence-based approach that gets results - fads come and go but simple and tested habits and lifestyle choices stand the test of time.  I try to cut through the information overload and deliver the pragmatic, realistic approach.

Healthy eating should be about abundance and diversity rather than avoidance, it should celebrate deliciously natural and sustainable ingredients that are enjoyable and accessible for all. 

If you are looking for a quick fix, a magic weight loss diet or slimming pills I strongly recommend you to go and look for other practitioners as i do not offer palliatives.

My philosophy and school of practice honours the fundamental principles of Hyppocrates: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food", and bases the principles of Naturopathy on the belief of self-healing power of the body.


It is the body’s primary task to constantly monitor and maintain homeostasis, and it does the best it can at any time and circumstances to maintain and restore a healthy balanced state. 


When we ignore symptoms, or simply suppress them, the initial imbalance doesn’t go away, instead it gets pushed slightly deeper every time until the acute symptoms become a chronic condition. 


This is the stage when neither naturopathic techniques or allopathic medicine or pharmaceuticals can reverse the process. 

It seems like the body has turned back towards itself. This is what traditional medicine call auto-immune diseases.

I have devised several plans targeted towards the most common ailments that can still be reversed using naturopathic nutrition and techniques as well as yoga, relaxation, and meditation practices. 

Barbara Wren is the founder of Alchemical Nutrition, where naturopathy meets alchemy.

This unique, thought provoking course is based on the last forty years clinical experience of Barbara Wren, a well recognised pioneer within the naturopathic healing movement and the author of two excellent books “Cellular Awakening” and “Our Return to the Light” Her remarkable journey has enabled her to integrate the more conventional understanding of nutrition through to the rebalancing of the subtle energetic rhythms within our body, permitting us to dance in harmony with the universal rhythms. 



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