What is Cranio-Sacral therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a profound healing process which can influence the deeply held patterns of disease - both physical and psychological - which accumulate throughout life as a result of injury, trauma or stress and become held into the body tissues, leading to ill-health and dysfunction.


What does it involve

Cranio-Sacral Therapy involves a very gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands, both for diagnosis and for treatment,  which may be taken up on the cranium, the sacrum, or any other parts of the body as appropriate.

Through this light touch the practitioner is able to pick up subtle patterns of motion within the body, emanating from within the core structures of the body: these are reflection of a physiological system known as Cranio-Sacral System which expresses its Cranio-Sacral Motion in all tissues throughout  the body. 


Treatment is usually experienced as a very profound relaxation which may pervade the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is soothing, comforting and pleasant, creating a sense of ease, calmness and well being. 


How does it work

The Cranio-Sacral System is a physiological system which, together with the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, is one of the three fundamental life-giving systems.


Disturbances to Cranio-Sacral motion may arise from a number of different causes - from physical injury, infection, inflammation, structural imbalance, muscular strain, emotional tension or disease and dysfunction of any kind. These restrictions may arise in any of the body tissues - the bones, the soft tissue, the nervous system, the organs, the fluids or in the subtle energy systems.


The fluency of Cranio-Sacral motion in each part of the body is a reflection of the functional state. The Cranio-Sacral Therapist identifies areas of restricted mobility and encourages free and unrestricted Cranio-Sacral motion, improving the free flow of Cerebro-Spinal fluid, restoring arterial blood supply, venous drainage, lymphatic flow, energy flow, nerve supply and immune function.


Who will benefit from treatment

Particularly effective in stress related disturbances which can lead to: migraine, headache, period pains, digestive problems, back pain, neck pain, tension, anxiety, insomnia, visual disturbances, depression, obsessional behaviour, chronic fatigue, lack of energy; it also has profound influence on the effect of trauma, both caused by injury or emotional and is particularly valuable in solving and resolving difficult and persistent conditions.



“Valentina definitely has healing hands. She leaves you with a sense of complete well being and deep relaxation and has the ability to get rid of little nagging complaints as well”. 

- Heather Farmbrough, London


“Valentina creates a gentle atmosphere so immediately a meditative mood fills the room. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. It’s really a revelation. Her hands hover over the body and encourage the channels to wake up. Energy literally courses through.

Many different practitioners will tell you about the connecting with your body and mind. It’s sometimes difficult to know what this means. With Cranio-Sacral Therapy, the sense of being will come to you and you don’t have to force a false sense of connection”.

- Tania Shillam, London



I’m a registered Cranio-Sacral therapist graduated at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, with Thomas Attley almost two decades ago, where I also tutored on several courses as part of the teacher’s panel.


I developed a growing interest in holistic therapies, driven by the desire to understand more the connection between body mind and spirit, and internal energy dynamics. I strongly believe that all parts and systems of our body are connected, inter-related and inter-dependent, and all parts need to work well as a whole. 

Everything we experience in life, whether physical, mental or spiritual is translated into muscle tension and stored in the body tissues as what in Cranio-Sacral Therapy is called “tissue memory”.  This is how our biography becomes our biology. 


The Body uses its own language to communicate with us about our personal development – through the dysfunctions, traumas and pathologies it creates in order to “grab our attention”.


My approach to the therapy is to “listen” to the body considering it as a whole. By creating a safe environment for self healing to take place, I allow the body to release and express itself in a non-verbal way

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