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If you are reading this is because you are probably looking for a way to live a healthier and more enjoyable life. Look no further, you are in the right place!

My aim is to inspire better lifestyle and help you feel fantastic by restoring optimal health through evidence-based, natural approaches.


My key areas of clinical expertise are natural nutrition, yoga and energetic re-balancing, and lifestyle couching to create harmony.


It’s my true belief that optimal health is the unrestricted movement at any levels: physical, emotional and spiritual

With a background as a yoga teacher, naturopathic nutritionist and crania-sacral therapist I want to share with you the secrets that lie behind what keeps you stuck in the same loop and stop you from experiencing real changes and happiness in your life.

For many years I have been studying and applying myself into discovering different ways to make a connection through the seen and unseen, the physic to the metaphysic, and how the energetic body supports and creates the blueprint of our physical body.

Nowadays we are coming closer to accept the fact that these two worlds are interconnected and influencing each other, as scientists start to accept the possibility of psychosomatic ailments, the detrimental effects that stress and unhealthy living environments can have on our overall health, and the beneficial effects of yoga, meditation and breathing practices, as well as a healthy balanced nutrition.

However it is my belief that health is not found in food deprivation or drastic detox diets, and excessive physical exercise promising eternal health and youth, which in fact are more harming than beneficial, but it has more to do with finding the clarity with who you really are, and aligning yourself with your innermost inclinations.

So take a moment now to ask yourself: Am I happy? Do I feel fulfilled? Do I live the life I really want? Am I expressing my true potential? Am I exploring my talents? As the greater internal stress is not knowing who you really are, and this creates an imbalance, a constant internal  "conflict' between your mind and body.

So here's my philosophy: be brave, explore your limitations and go beyond your comfort zone, be true to yourself, think with your own mind and always speak your mind, be nice to yourself and equally nice to others, enjoy the simple things in life:  playing with your children or your pets, appreciating a sunset, your favourite song or just relaxing in a bubbly bath and sometimes stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty of life, regardless of what you might be going through... and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF, by honouring and respecting this miracle body and the life-force that you were given.


What I noticed is the late tendency to “commercialise” the pursue of health and happiness in just another “5 steps rules” or “3 common mistakes” kind of formula that promises miracle cures and immediate results. 

As it’s very common that we walk into a yoga class to escape a stressful day, or just a quick acupuncture session to get rid of the single problem. 


Although these quick fixes are definitely working, the root cause of the problem never gets to be addressed.


We expect our lives to change miraculously without facing what keeps us in the vicious circle. For true healing we need to face ourselves on a deeper level and be ready for change, identify when we hide behind comfortable habits and beliefs.

"Nothing changes if nothing changes"

To invite what you want in your life you first need to make space to accommodate it, and get rid of the unwanted. 

So if you are at this stage of your life, and perhaps tried many things and still feel unhappy or unsatisfied, perhaps my way of working resonates with you in this very moment of your life.

This is why I like to start this journey into a new chapter of your life with a gentle and manageable detox plan. This will ease you gradually into a journey that starts with a little self-care and leads you eventually to self-acceptance and self-love. 

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